Relevance: Cradle to Cradle

by William McDonough and Michael Braungart

     I just finished Cradle to Cradle. I enjoyed the thought provoking ideas and suggested changes to the way we make things. The authors use the metaphor of a recipe. For instance, you can be less bad and change an ingredient or two or you can start over and create an entirely new ingredient list ensuring that each ingredient is safe for humans and the environment.

     The authors talk in depth about several projects they have worked on. For instance, they start with a soap that contains 23 chemical ingredients and end up with a new soap with 9 natural ingredients and ways to make it profitable. That is where they start talking about the next project. I want to know who the companies are and what these newly designed projects are so I can spend my money on items that go beyond being "less bad."

Quote: Imagine a building like a tree, a city like a forest. -p139

Notes From Windward - Index - Vol. 67