September 22, 2016


Jarvis in front of the bee hut

Just like clockwork, the changing of the seasons indicates a shift in climate and weather, and it is never quite the same as the seasons of years past. Along with the change of the seasons, new social dynamics are added into the mix as the Windward community deliberate who to share their community with in the young, thriving forest in the drylands of the Pacific Northwest region.

This time around, it is I.

The four seasons is still somewhat new to me in comparison to those who have been on the mainland (as those from Hawaii call it) their entire lives. For me, Autumn is the most mystical and magical of the seasons. I think it is because not too ago, Summer was threatening me with 100+ degree weather and within a couple of weeks, the innate charm of Fall then becomes the new norm. Between the cold temperature and its neutral colors, I find Fall to be most surreal. And so, it is during this time when I get to experience this community that is giving me new definition of what it means to be "intentional."

Over the past 3 years, I've worked as farm-hands, interns, WWOOFers on various animal and vegetable farms. It was my version of back to the land movement. Many of those past experiences were not the experiences I was looking for, in terms of the spirit and in terms of horticulture.

I have been drawing the conclusion that if I want to be a part of the experience that I envision for myself, I would have to initiate the efforts to work on it myself. It is time to step it up for myself and undertake a larger responsibility and make that transition from intelligent follower, to the self lead (at least, for my own personal projects!)

Honestly, I could just about do my own thing anywhere though. But who would want to do it alone? Windward is providing me with the resources, support, environment and time to do just that, giving way to opportunity to turn phantasmal theory into, hopefully, working, practical actuality.

Additionally, I would be contributing to a collaborative effort with shared common beliefs and ideas, building onto this existence of intentional living and solidifying my expression of the next era of humanity. I strive for holistic living systems. And I consider shared common vision to be a part of that and pivotal to my idea of community, as enthusiastic attitudes isn't always enough to keep a community going.

It's a combined effort that adheres people together for a common wealth. When people congregate on the solely on basis of good times and fun, you're really just issuing time-itself a challenge as to when things fall apart once the going get rough: and time will win in every instance.

As I mentioned, I will be leading my own little experiments that I have been considering before I came on board here. After learning more about zymology (the science of fermentation) this year, it's pretty clear to me that it is an important aspect of holistic living and I feel it is something that many people have been disconnected with.

I also seek to transform the soil in the garden spaces here with elusive horticulture methods that I have discovered after filtering and sifting throughout the years of experiencing, what I consider, impractical agriculture techniques that are commonplace here in the western civilization.

After having to discern the unnecessary from the crucial and effective, I'm excited to say I'm starting Autumn with high hopes for a new way of living. I'm confident to say that I am heading in the right direction to be the change that I wish to see in the world. And with that, I take my leave. Stay tuned in to the progress reports!