August 10, 2015


The beauty and splendor of the Pacific Northwest never ceases to amaze and impress me into a state of awe and gratitude. E.O. Wilson posited that we humans have evolved to be attracted to life -- biofilia is the term he coined to described this inherent love we have for life and for nature. And oh how right I know he is when I'm stunned into submission, time and time again, by the place I call home.

Recently, I went on several hikes around Mt Adams, in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest and other less travelled routes in Klickitat Coutny. While photos can never do a landscape justice and pale in comparison to the felt experience of looking out over vistas so wide that the human heart knows only to expand to fully envelop such beauty, here's a glimpse of some images from that journey.

Bird Lake near Bird Creek Meadows on Mt. Adams

Wildflowers and waterfall at Bird Creek Meadows

Hell Roaring Canyon and Little Mt. Adams

Two mountain goats keeping cool on the snow as we approach the Mazama Glacier

Looking down from timberline on Mt. Adams into the Trout Lake Valley, the Cascade Range and over to Mt. Hood in the distance

Mt. Adams from the "Sleeping Beauty" basalt spire

Mt. Saint Helens from "Sleeping Beauty"

Waterfall into a hidden pool on the Klickitat River

The Klickitat River heading North towards its source on Mt. Adams

The Klickitat Canyon near Stinson Flat