May 31, 2014 (Posted July 20)


We are getting ready for summer events here at Windward and we are well prepared so my thoughts have turned to comfortable seating for during the events. I found several chairs on Instructables and was fascinated by an oak-frame paracord-laced chair.

The idea: Paracord Chair on Instructables

The plan was a bit difficult to decipher but with persistence I figured it out. Cutting the oak into pieces, drilling holes for the paracord, and pre-drilling holes for the screws.

The "Back" part of the chair showing the five pieces of wood screwed together along with the webbing for low-back support and the weaving/lacing started.

The back of the chair has two horizontal pieces to support and secure the seat part of the chair and an upper horizontal piece (top bar) to complete the "back" frame.

detail of the seat supports

The upper seat support and the top bar as well as the frame sides are drilled for the paracord. The webbing provides lower back support and reduces/prevents hitting the upper seat support which is mounted on the back of the frame.

detail of the upper seat support - looking from the back

The seat section of the chair sits on the lower seat support and is held in place by the upper seat support. The blocks on the edges of the lower seat support hold the frame of the seat and allow space for the seat to sag when someone is sitting in it without sitting directly on the seat support.

The seat section of the chair with horizontal lacing complete.

The seat section of the chair is four pieces of oak screwed together at the corners. All four pieces are drilled for the paracord. Webbing is placed about six inches from the back edge to facilitate the diagonal paracord lacing

Both pieces: the seat is on the left and the back is on the right.

It is as easy as sliding the seat in between the seat supports on the back and adjusting it for comfort.

My new, very comfortable chair!