May 11, 2014


Already our German Angora kits are One Month Old! Just two days ago we celebrated that milestone and took lots of photos.

Oyster enjoying some celery.

This little guy was named Oyster since we thought Pearl was too feminine. He has white wool with some grey markings (so not pure white) and blue eyes. I've heard this referred to as Pearl, frosty, or Ermine coloring but I'm still learning so if you know please share!

Ginger showing his beautiful brown and charcoal markings.

Yeah, I know, Ginger is a feminine name too but what else are you going to call this one?

Black Magic - Our only doe (female)

Black Magic - her coloring is so dark and opaque that she tends to disappear.

Oyster was enjoying a scritch when he realized that the cage door was open and....
decided to check things out.

I am looking forward to seeing what a yarn made from this wool will look like

Just too cute not to share!

Black Magic and his mom Sweet Pea.

Sweet Pea, the litter's mom, was sheared on the first of May and has lovely markings, but unfortunately markings of that type are not considered desirable from a genetic standpoint and so she's not eligible for registration. However, her kits can be tested for registration.

What a Day! We're just about worn out with all the playing.

but we've got a bit more energy.

That's all folks!