April 30, 2014


April 9: Birth day for German Angoras

Four German Angora kits on April 9.

One didn't make it and three little ones continue to thrive.

April 14: Five Days Old

Three German Angora kits show their colors.

Black, white, and torte?

We still have our eyes closed.

Lets look at the older litters. These next photos are from the litters kindled on March 22.

A little one hiding in the grass - about 3 weeks old
Val and her little ones line up for lunch.

Little Miss Jackson's litter

April 16: The German Angora Kits are a week old.

Three - nestled all snug in our bed


Ginger - Grey and Brown


April 28:

Proud Momma ready to be sheared.

Whitey showing dark markings and his eyes are not red.


Whitey and Ginger checking out what is outside their next box.

April 29: Val's New Zealand Whites and Little Miss' Californian-crosses are growing strong as they mark their fifth week here.

One of Val's little ones.