January 25th, 2014


After visiting family in St. Louis for a month, I arrived back at Windward refreshed and ready to step up to the challenges ahead. I was greeted with the beauty and occasional treachery of winter at Windward.

In the past, a constant few inches of snow on the ground has been the norm. Lately the land has been covered in a few layers of hard rime, the ice that forms as water droplets in fog freeze and attach to objects and the ground.

The ground itself has become fairly treacherous to walk on.

We have started laying down ashes from our wood burning stoves to add a bit of friction.

The goats seem to be handling the weather quite well. They're always excited to see a camera.




We have let the sheep out to graze and roam.

Luna getting her chomp on.

And of course, we have the newest additions to Windward, Chinook and Badger.

Chinook, female, looking regal.

Badger, male, feeding.

Lilly, the proud mama, and her hearty babes. She is a notoriously good mother and will hopefully bring Chinook and Badger through the winter.

The pigs have been staying under cover for the most part, nuzzling up together amongst the hay.

Willy and her two remaining piglets snuggling.