April 11,2013


A few weeks ago, we prepared a hugel bed with the Permaculture On The Edge workshop participants. One of the last steps in creating the bed was broadcasting a seed mixture across the bed. Well, many of the seeds have germinated and a carpet of green is forming underneath the leafy mulch.

Alfalfa, kale and garlic germinating!

We seeded an alfalfa & clover mixture over the entire bed, which has now germinated. The kale and collard greens have germinated too! Garlic is coming up and so are potatoes! The plants are still small but I can see now there is going to be beautiful carpet of kale and clover by May.

We also have planted four trees on the uphill side of the hugel bed: an elderberry, cherry, apple and pear. Sounds like a delicious pie to me!

Finally, we seeded the paths with alfalfa too. Now we wait and watch.

A Windward grafted Fugi apple
A Cherry tree with Pancake the lamb