1. Windward friends enjoying a delicious meal at a visitor day
  2. Andrew touring one of Windwards Agroforestry Systems.
  3. Re-Membering the Web of Life: The Biological Imperative for Sovereignty, Interdependence & a Consent Economy
  4. Get your hands dirty! Join us for an apprenticeship on the land.
  5. Peruse our thoughts on living closely with the land.
  6. New lambs are so freakin' cute!
  7. Explore our vision of forest-based energy independent rural communities. www.biomass2methanol.org
  8. We come together with the land in both life and death. Learn more about Windward's natural burial project, Herland Forest.

Welcome to Windward

Windward is a cooperative community of over thirty years in the making dedicated to preserving and developing village scale technologies needed to support a thriving sustainable community on marginal land.

We provide opportunities for deep learning through hands on, practical experience with the tools needed to build a life in balance with the natural world.

We come together with the belief that now is the time for radical change, and that nothing is more convincing than a working model of a better way.

With nature as our guide, we use our love, sweat and blood to build a life worth inheriting.

Join us, for a weekend, for a season, or for a lifetime.
Get Involved.