Wild Woman* Gathering

September 22-24, 2017

Need Some Time in Nature?

Want to Deepen Your Relationship with the Land?

Longing for What is Raw and Real and Wild?

Come join the Women of Windward for a weekend of relaxation,
creative exploration, dancing under the stars and time together with the land!

*Refers to any person who finds personal meaning in identifying as a wild woman.

We are blessed to be connected with so many amazing women and we want to share more time with you in this special forest we call home! What better way to celebrate the Fall Equinox -- the drawing down of summer abundance, grounding in the autumn harvest -- than by ripening the relationships with the women who have enlivened this forest all summer long!

RSVP & Come Join Us!

What to Expect

We will be co-creating a loosely structured space that invites each of us to bring our whole and wild selves, to soften into our animal bodies, to express our ecstatic joys and heartfelt sorrows, to simply be together in gratitude and celebration.

We will be sharing facilitation throughout the weekend, supporting each other as we offer our passions for all to enjoy. Let us know during online registration if you are excited about sharing a practice, making an offering or leading an activity for the group during the weekend.

Check out some of the offerings!


Lunches and Dinners will be potluck style. We ask that each person bring one main dish to feed 10 people and 2 snacks to share.

We will offer simple breakfasts of seasonal fruit, granola, and yogurt. We invite you to bring additional items to compliment breakfast including your favorite teas, coffees, milks, jams, nuts or pastries.

Food is a gift and a necessity. By sharing dishes that have personal meaning to us, we will nourish our bodies along with our relationships. Perhaps you'd like to share a special family recipe or your favorite salad. Anything is okay! Please be sure to bring an ingredients list so those with allergies and sensitivies can choose accordingly.

We will have access to the event kitchen inlcuding pots, utensils, refridgerator, cookstoves, but not an oven, so please plan accordingly.


Tent and car camping will both be available.

The Adirondak will be available by reservation for True Friends and those with medical concerns. Please indicate in the registration form if you would like to reserve a bunk in the Adirondak.

Composting toilets, hot water showers and the hot tub will all be available.

Camping with a View

The bunk house Adirondack


We are offering this gathering from our hearts to yours. We want anyone who is excited to attend to join us for the weekend, and we encourage those of you who are excited to donate toward the work we are doing here at Windward to do that too!


To register please 1) fill out this brief form and 2) make your registration deposit.


Directions to the Windward Community Campground.



4-6pm: Arrival & Camp Set Up
6:30pm: Potluck Dinner
8:30pm: Welcoming & Song Circle
10pm-12pm: Hot Tub Available


8-10am - Breakfast
10-10:45am - Morning Meditation with Amy Hall
11am-12:30pm - Bodylicious Belly Dancing with Mary Mermaidia
1pm - Potluck lunch!
2-3pm - Free time in the forest! Enjoy Yourself
3pm - Art in the woods!
5:30pm - Potluck Dinner
7pm - Ritual with Katalin Koda
9pm - Dance with Carola Marashi


8-10am - Breakfast
8:30-9:30am - Interactive Yoga & Connection with Saskia Puterczyk
10am - Group Offerings TBD
12pm - Closing Circle
1pm - Potluck lunch
1:30-3pm - Goodbyes and Heading Home

Check out Additional Offerings from your Sisters available throughout the weekend!

Departure times are flexible in case you want a little more time the hang out, connect, spend time in the forest, and otherwise not rush back to the city.

What do I need to bring?

We look forward to seeing you!

Offering Details:

Bodylicious Belly Dancing

Feel the music...How it affects your body, the way it entices you to move.

Feel your body...How it reacts to the music, the way it sways & flows.

Now REALLY feel your body...The contours, the hard spots, the soft spots, the areas of sensual pleasure.

Together, we will explore our own bodies through dance. Learn how basic belly dance moves can help us feel sensual, feminine, aroused, energized & alive! We will focus our energies inward, tap into our own deep dance.

What to wear:

  • Tank top, cute bra or topless
  • Light shoes, socks or barefoot

What to bring:

  • Soft flowy fabric/veil, 2-3 ft wide by 4-5 ft long
  • Coin/bell belt or scarf/sash to tie around hips
  • I'll have a bunch of stuff to use too.

We'll warm up & stretch before learning some basic dance moves & veil flips. I'll do a quick performance for inspiration.Then we will let loose, feel the music, feel our bodies, & dance in all our Goddess glory!

Where Sky Kisses Earth: A Ceremony to Release, Reclaim & Renew

We invite your Wild Woman self to enter this time between the light and dark, between the day and night, between the worlds to meet where Sky Kisses Earth.

The Fall Equinox is a time to honor balance as we move from the bright harvest of summer toward the dark interior of winter. On September 23rd we experience a rare astrological event. The Virgo constellation will align with the moon under her feet, crowned with twelve luminous stars and planets. Virgo, the virgin holds her own power as the original meaning: a woman unto herself. In Virgo's illumined presence we will have the opportunity to express our earthly Wild Woman self enjoined with the dance of the sky.

In this ceremony we honor and release our ancestral blood lines that have kept our Wild Woman from emerging fully into her power. We reclaim our personal and collective intent guided by the Wild Feminine and all her guises. We renew our beauty, our strength and our integrity by calling upon the Earth and the Sky as our witnesses.

Please bring a drum, rattle or sound maker and write one or two short vows to yourself to call aloud as we step into our Wild Woman selves.

Revive Your Feminine Juiciness!

With my Divine Sisters, I Remember my Innocence.
With my Divine Sisters, I Renew my Radiance.
With my Divine Sisters, I Replenish my Succulence.

Do you crave Connection with Sisterhood?
Do you dream to AWAKEN your Joy?
Do you yearn to Re-Member your Lusciousness?

In circle we Revive our Feminine Juiciness.
In movement, we replenish our flowing, fluid, frisky nature.
In ritual we cast a spell of feminine enchantment that we can access anytime with intention .

What’s needed is YOU.
Your presence. Simply YOU.
I’m honored to serve my sisters. I'm honored to serve YOU.

Juicy details:

I've been revelling and rousing the Feminine Spirit Consciously since my first Wild Woman Gathering in 1991. Since then it's been my personal and professional journey to unleash our innate Wild Woman through movement, sensuality, and group therapy. Presently I'm conjuring the Wise Woman archetypes of Full Body Laughter and Mirth so we can ReVive Our Feminine Juiciness!

Gritty Details:

I am published author of Sensual Eating and In2it! cards and guide. With a B.S. in Nutrition and M.A. in Transpersonal Psychology I've practiced as a therapist for over 30 years. Cofounder of Body Choir Ecstatic Dance-1994. Currently, I focus on Relationship and Intimacy Coaching. I write and facilitate Dance.

WEAR comfortable clothes to move unabashedly.


  • Water bottle filled with water.
  • A journal and pen.
  • An Altar item that represents your JUICY Feminine Spirit.
  • Willingness to awaken pleasure and joy!

Additional Offerings from Wild Ones include:

  • Body Painting with Tempura & Henna
  • Rock Painting
  • Intuition Card Reading from original in2it card deck
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Aerial Silks lessons
Photo Credit:
Sheena Davis;
Mike Hedge