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What will we be covering in the Course?

Theory and Design

Ecology and the Science of Life
a look at Systems, processes, cycles, communities and succession, and the conditions for growth.

Foundational Concepts in Permaculture
a look at permaculture as "applied ecology", ethics, zones, sectors, layers

Designing for Efficiency and Resilience
focusing on perennial systems for dry and temeperate regions

Productive Ecology of Forests and Woodlands
delving into the structure, function, location and relationships of the elements of a system and their interactions.

Biomass2Methanol Alternative Energy Demonstration
Windward's flagship energy project to create a model mobile fuel plant to convert "waste" forest biomass into high-value fuels like gasoline, diesel and methanol.

Hands-on Stuff

Land Surveying
Team-surveying with a bunyip/water-level for finding countours on a slope.

Making Seedballs
A no-till technique for large scale propagation of plants and guilds from seed relatively efficiently.

Nature Observation
Practical techniques and frameworks to help read and understand the natural systems operating all around you.

Conversation and Connection

Social Permaculture Roundtable
facilitated group conversation about how to better live-out our values and ethics in support of life.

Shared Dinners
Dinners provided on Friday and Saturday evening. Plan to prepare your own meals and snacks through the day on Saturday and Sunday. Remember we'll be outside most of the time and being fairly active, please plan your food accordingly.

Other Resources to Explore

  • Download Workshop Handout of Supplemental Material (16 page pdf)
  • Windward Permaculture Videos
  • Intro to Ecology - part 1
  • Windward articles about permaculture stuff specifically
  • See Images from past events
  • About the Instructors

    Lindsay Hagamen is the President of the Windward Foundation, the organization which stewards the Windward community's 131 acre landbase.

    She has a background in ecology, systems thinking, and environmental science; researching nutrient cycling in terrestrial ecosystems in New Hampshire, Ecuador, Costa Rica and the Pacific Northwest, while learning native and modern agroforestry practices.

    As a member of Windward she is leading the inter-generational growth of the community, while sharing her passion for the land by growing healthy delicious food, and co-leading the transformation of Windward's land into a perennial forest garden.

    Andrew Schreiber is the Internship Coordinator for the 501(c)(3) Windward Center, cultivating a holistic learning environment helping apprentices & interns build a working understanding of natural systems & appropriate technology.

    He has a backgorund in philosophy, comparitive mythology, and art; As a forest and conservation worker in the Southwest, he was called by a love of nature to focus his life energy to garner the practical skills and land-knowledge needed to build a life in Cooperationconcert with the natural world.

    He divides his time between animal care, learning traditional crafts and skills, and co-leading the design and implement perennial food/forage/fuel systems.

    For the past four years, Andrew and Lindsay have worked together to implement ecological design principles into Windward's village-scale enterprise. Together, they're developing the holistic stratagies and natural tactics, enabling the further integration Windward's forestry, energy, agriculture, livestock and village-scale industrial needs into the landscape.

    Workshop Schedule

    3-5pm: Check In & Camp Set-up
    5pm: Group and Windward introductions
    6pm: Intro to Permaculture
    7pm: Potluck Dinner (bring a dish to share)

    Breakfast (Bring your own)
    9-10am: Frameworks for Permaculture Design
    10-10:30am: Break
    10:30-12pm: Forest Gardening - Designing like a forest
    12-2pm: Lunch and break (Bring your own)
    2-3:30pm: Surveying Contours with water-levels and more!
    2-3pm: Walking Observation of Forest Structure & Design
    3:45-5: Establishing a Forest Garden - Practical Stratagies
    5-6pm: Q&A
    6pm: Dinner (Provided, bring something to share)
    7pm: Campfire & Forum on Social Dimensions of Permaculture

    Breakfast (Bring you own)
    9:30-10:30pm Walk-About: a look at patterns of A-Forestation
    10:45-12pm: Making and Using Seedballs - a useful tool for permaculture on the Edge
    12-2pm: Lunch and Q&A Wrap Up

    What past participants have to say

    This a group from our POTE course in March this year in front of the humongous hugelbed we constructed together. It was great fun.

    "Thanks again to you both for a terrific workshop; it's inspiring to see what others are doing out there. We'll be looking forward to seeing your progress."

    -Bob & April Clark, Hood River OR

    "Andrew and Lindsay are two of the finest teachers I'ver ever encountered. They provided not only the clearest statement of permaculture principles, and hands-on knowledge, but dealt clearly with what a food forrest actually is, how it's mechanics and possibilites work and come into being.

    While other attendees were for the most part versed in permaculture basics, everyone I encountered learned significantly over the two day course. They were a wealth of information and encouraged and fielded questions throughout all sessions.

    Excellent nightly meals were included in the very reasonable price for the course, and and time was made available for personal needs. I highly recommend this course and these two instructors!"

    -Richard H. Randall, Major USA, (ret.), Former Philosophy Instructor WSU NIC

    Other Important Info


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    Make themselves at home in Windward 40 acre campground. There are established campsites. Restrooms and Water are available at various places throughout the campground

    September weather on the dry-side of the cascades is likely to be fair and sunny, probably on the cold side at night. However it never hurts to be prepared for cold and wet weather. Here is a list of things to consider packing:

  • Warm sleeping bag and sleeping pad
  • Tent with Rain fly
  • Clothing layers for a range of temperatures
  • Rain layers
  • Sturdy, water resistant pair of shoes

  • Medication Refrigeration

    If you need to refrigerate you medications, please let us know so we can make the necessary arrangements for you.

    Vehicle Access and Parking

    Unless you are physically handicapped, we ask people to park their cars and stick to walking during the event. Some parking spaces are available next to campsites, once those spots are filled, vehicles will need to be parked in the designated central parking area.


    For those who want to bring alcohol, we ask that you store and handle it in such a way as to ensure minors do not have access to it.